What is mHealth?

Putting You at the Center of Your Health
mHealth gives you control over your health and wellness data and makes that data more accessible than ever before. With a rich ecosystem of supported devices and applications, mHealth enables you to manage your personal health and wellness from the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere.
What makes AT&T mHealth Unique?

AT&T has been working with your favorite app developers to create brand new applications that utilize health and wellness data. Applications that are mHealth enabled, upon your permission, are given access to data that exists about you from devices like Fitbit and data from clinicians - enabling you to interact with your health data in applications that understand you!

mHealth features an easy to use interface that empowers you to see what data your doctor, hospitals and insurance companies have access to.

AT&T does Healthcare?

The healthcare environment today is dynamic and ever changing. From improving quality of care, to complying with government regulations, to reducing cost, the industry is facing many challenges. AT&T has been serving the healthcare industry for decades and understands the unique challenges facing healthcare providers and consumers today.

AT&T is committed to serving the technology needs across the continuum of care - from patients to physicians to providers. We have developed healthcare services and solutions, and the right strategic alliances to help support your business goals.

Build the future of health

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